2KO Africa VIRTUAL Training

No Contact I.T. Training - Virtual Classes (No travel required)


2KO Africa delivers VIRTUAL training classes for students anywhere in the world. Get trained without coming to class. Here are the advantages of our No Contact, virtual classes:


Train from home or work - no need to travel

No Contact Training

Face to face via virtual training interface

Live Training

Ask the trainer questions


How Virtual Training Works

Classes are scheduled to run on certain days. Luckily these classes can also be scheduled outside of normal hours.

Students will enrol for a class and will book for a specific date.

The class coordinator will send out invitations to the students well before the start of the classes

The students will be able to download a free app (client) onto their device, which they will use for the classes

To log in and start the classes, students will simply have to click the link on the invitation they receive


What will Students See?

When you log into your class, you will see video (live real time video) of your instructor, who will be making ready for the class

Your instructor will speak and usually share his or her screen so that you can follow notes, slides or video, which the instructor shares with the students

You will be able to type text messages that the class (and instructor) will see, or you can speak out.

Usually students will be able to speak into their phone / laptop which everyone will hear. In this way, you can ask questions of class members or the instructor, just as if you were physically in class with them.

Breaks will be taken from time to time, to allow students to make a cup of coffee or have a bite of lunch

Training is accredited and will count towards accreditation just as if you were physically in class.


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