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Conflict Management Courses in South Africa

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A critical role for managers is the ability to manage conflicts between associates, with subordinates or peers. Managers need to be able to listen empathetically, ask the right questions, evaluate the people involved, and determine the right level of intervention and the best approaches to resolve conflict. Conflict is a natural part of business and of life.


The natural give and take between people is a healthy way to create "constructive discontent" and discover new approaches to challenges. Problems arise in the ways that you deal with these conflicts. Using the right approaches, you can deal with conflicts in effective ways that resolve the issues while maintaining positive relationships.


This starts with clearly understanding the issues and the personalities involved. In this module, you will explore win-win strategies to manage conflict in your organization. You will work with proven tools and methods that bring issues to the table, discuss them with objectivity, and find common ground.


At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

Diagnose conflict within their organization
Analyze their conflict response style
Apply a variety of strategies for managing conflict
Recognize the nature of conflict and its impact on interpersonal relationships and organizations.
Demonstrate the role of communication in generating productive conflict outcomes
Use communication skills effectively in a rage of specific conflict situations.
Effectively utilize and apply conflict intervention strategies such as coaching,
negotiation, mediation, and system design in the management and resolution of conflict.
Integrate and appropriately apply a broad range of theoretical concepts, processes and methodologies in analyzing, managing and resolving conflicts