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2KO International delivers consulting services, in the IT and Business space, as well as being a training provider for IT certification and user level courses. Training can be any blend of bespoke, classroom and online learning, to ensure students have access to the best IT training in South Africa.


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Network Administration & Engineering

Develop skills to effectively use or run networks at a variety of levels, such as implementation, design, or even troubleshooting. You will be able to work in sectors of IT such as data centers, network security, networking, storage, and much more.


Systems Administration & Engineering

Equip yourselves with the required skills to ensure your IT services are delivered efficiently. You will be able to work in sectors of IT such as desktop support, IT security, messaging, communications, office productivity, server and system administration, virtualization, and much more.


DevOps blends traditional development and systems/network operations to create more agile IT infrastructures. Areas of expertise include big data, cloud infrastructure, and configuration management

Programming & Development

Learn the skills used to build dynamic databases, web sites, and programs. Areas of expertise include database administration, database development, programming, and web development.

Project Management

A qualified project manager can make the difference between a successful project or a failed one. Master the best practices, tools, and techniques that lead to successful projects.

Workforce Training

Empower end users to get more out of their workplace tools. Areas of expertise include Microsoft Office, Security Awareness, Salesforce, and more.