Terms and Conditions

T's & C's

These terms and conditions apply to all 2KO Training courses

  • Our standard full time instructor led courses include the following:
  • Stationery - student note book, pen, highlighter where applicable
  • Certificate of completion at course end
  • Books, course notes and any relevant course materials pertaining to the training course
  • Tea, coffee, juice and biscuits on all training days
  • Breakfast - Monday to Friday
  • Light lunch on all training days (a training day is a day where there are scheduled classes with an instructor. Study and revision days are not counted as training days.)
  • Free internet access after class and before class

What is not included:

  • Transfers to and from Cape Town International Airport
  • Exams
  • Accommodation
  • Dinners
  • Weekend meals
  • Lunches on non-training days

Can exams be refunded if not taken?
2KO prefers students to pay for exams as and when they book them. The student and or company must accept the risk associated with pre-paid exams as follows:
If exams have been pre-paid, they must be taken whilst in Cape Town and whilst on course.
Exams which are not used are not refundable, and are therefore forfeited. Please do not pre-pay for exams unless you accept this risk.
Exams are not transferable.
Exams may be kept in credit if not used, and may be used by the same student during another course time when that student takes another course with 2KO International.

Payment Methods

  • Online
  • Schedule conditions
    Invoices are to be paid within two weeks from invoice
    Some additional benefits may accrue where Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule is made at least a month before the course start date, and this may result in some free exams and or free meals being offered. Note that these benefits offered are only in force if Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule conditions are met.
    Where Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule is NOT made by the prescribed Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule date, all benefits such as discounts, free exam and free meals are forfeited, unless the late Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule is agreed in writing by 2KO International.
    All bookings are considered provisional until Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule is made in full.
    Courses may be cancelled at short notice where Payment Methods
  • Online
  • Schedule has not been made.
    2KO endeavours to NOT cancel any course where paid-up students are already booked (add in except where clearly advise that the course can only run with a certain amount of delegates) .

    Cancellation policy?
    Courses which are cancelled more than 14 days in advance are refundable. Courses cancelled from 7 to 14 days before the course are 80% refundable. Courses cancelled within 7 days are not refundable at all.

    To all our international delegates
    Should you fall ill and require medical attention whilst in training, 2KO and its staff members will not liable for the medical fees. Therefore please ensure upon departure that you / the company has made provisional arrangements should this occur.
    We do encourage our delegates to always budget for unforeseen circumstances and arrange travel insurance for the course fees do not include this.