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PHP Guru Online Course in South Africa


2KO South Africa offers online PHP Guru courses in South Africa. 2KO South Africa's PHP Guru courses are offered to our international and local students. 2KO is an IT consulting and training company, offering both business services and multi-platform training. 2KO Africa's wide range of computer courses are available as full time classes, or as online learning, to ensure students have access to the best PHP training in South Africa.





Courses Included in this Bundle - 7


Learn PHP Programming From Scratch
Over 40 hours of PHP programming goodness. Check out the free sample videos to get a free taste of PHP! This course is updated regularly with new content and new projects to work on, so even if you get through the entire course, there will always be more the next time you log in.

Fundamentals of PHP
Learn the basics of PHP programming. No prior experience required. You will learn everything about the basics of PHP programming using real world examples. Source codes are included for each lesson so you can learn by deconstructing each element.

Learn PHP Model View Controller Pattern (PHP MVC)
MVC is important for all PHP developers to know. In this course you will learn how PHP Model View Controllers (PHP MVC) work and how to create one yourself.

How to Build a Registration & Login System
Leverage your PHP skills and create a slick login system. This course teaches the fundamentals of creating a registration and login system from scratch.

PHP Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
Build high performance dynamic web pages. By getting to grips with it, you can not only build better websites; you can reduce the many hours of coding normally needed to create them too. This online course will show you how.

PHP Object Oriented Programming: Build a Login System
Learn Object Oriented PHP while building a secure & scalable authentication system with validation & database handling. We've stripped away all the design elements of the RL system you will create so you can focus on what's important: Understanding the PHP coding and database structure.

Create a Chat Application with PHP and Ajax
Create your own usable chat application with this easy to follow set of tutorials. In this course you will learn to build your own, fully functional chat application for websites using PHP and Ajax.