Designing Database Solutions SQL 2012 Course

Designing Database Solutions SQL Server 2012 Course, South Africa


2KO Africa's SQL Server course in South Africa is specifically for participants to measure their knowledge and skills on making the appropriate job role decisions around creating database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012. 2KO Africa also offers online courses to our international and local students. 2KO International delivers consulting services, in the IT and Business space, as well as being a training provider for IT certification and user level courses. Training can be any blend of bespoke, classroom and online learning, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best 2012 certification training in Africa.




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This course is created for Database professionals who design and build database solutions. These Database professionals are responsible for the creation of plans and designs for Database structure, storage, objects, and servers, as well as creating the plan for the environment in which the database solution runs. Primary responsibilities may consist of but is not limited to designing:


Data compression strategies

Database models

Full-Text Search strategies

High-availability solutions

Maintenance strategy for database servers

Management automation strategies

Migration, consolidation, and upgrade strategies

Database, schema, and object security parameters


The 2KO Africa course on designing database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 prepares participants for the Microsoft Exam 70-465.

This course will provide all the skills and knowledge for the following areas:

Creating and altering tables (complex statements)

Designing, implementing, and troubleshooting security

Designing the locking granularity level

Maintaining indexes

Implementing data types

Creating and modifying constraints (complex statements)

Working with XML Data

Writing automation scripts

Designing and implementing stored procedures

Designing T-SQL table-valued and scalar functions

Creating, using, and altering user-defined functions (UDFs)

Creating and altering views (complex statements)

Designing tables

Designing for concurrency

Creating and altering indexes

Designing data integrity

Designing for implicit and explicit transactions

Optimizing and tuning queries

Troubleshooting and resolving performance problems

Optimizing indexing strategies

Capturing and analyzing execution plans

Collecting performance and system information


Microsoft 70-465: Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Module 1 

Course Introduction

Course Modules

Introduction to SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Instances

SQL Server Editions and Licensing

SQL Server Objects

System Databases

SQL Server Management Studio

SSMS Components

SQL Server Data Tools


Working with SSMS

Working with SQLCMD

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 2

Introduction to Databases

Database Files

Temp db

Working with Databases

Introduction to Filegroups and Files

Introduction to Log Files


Moving Databases

Detaching and Attaching Databases

Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Copy Database Wizard

Database Catalog View

Creating and Configuring Databases

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 3

Introduction to Data Types and Tables

Supported Data Types

Collations and Unicode Characters

Introduction to NULLS

Converting Data Types

Introduction to Tables


Temporary Tables

Working with Tables


Primary and Foreign Keys

UNIQUE Constraint/Index

Data Types in SQL Server Demonstration

Working with Tables Demonstration

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 4

SQL Server Indexing

Introduction to Indexing


Clustered Indexes

Non-Clustered Indexes

Maintaining Indexes

Index Fragmentation

SQL Server Profiler

Index Tuning

Working with Indexes Demonstration

SQL Server Tuning Advisor Demonstration

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 5

Performance Considerations

Partitioning Function

Partition Scheme

Partitioned Table or Index

Introduction to Transaction

Implicit and Explicit Transactions


Working with Partition Tables, Transaction and Locks

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 6

Backup and Restore

Database Data and Log Files

Recovery Model

Database Backups Types

Backup Compression and Mirrored Media Sets

Verifying Backups

Restoration Process

Restoring Backup Types

Restoring to a Point in Time


Restoring a Database

Restoring System Databases

Restoring the Master Database

Backing Up and Restoring SQL Server

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 7

Views and Functions

Types Of Views

Creating and Altering Views

Updatable and Indexed Views

Partitioned Views

Introduction to Functions

Function Types

Scalar and Table Valued Functions

Working with Views and Functions

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 8

Stored Procedures and Triggers

Types of Stored Procedures


Stored Procedure Compilation

Execution Context

Introduction to Triggers

Types of Triggers

Nested and Recursive Triggers

Trigger Firing Order

Working with Stored Procedures and Triggers

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 9

SQL Server Security

SQL Authentication

SQL Logins

Accessing a Database

Authorization Across Servers

Server Roles

Database Roles

Application Roles

Authorizing Access

Configuring Access Using Schemas

Working with SQL Security

Exam Scenarios

Module Review


Module 10

Installing and Upgrading SQL

Server Resources

32 vs. 64 Bit

SQL Requirements

Software Requirements


Service Accounts

Installing SQL Server

Troubleshooting Installation

Upgrading SQL Server

Unattended Installations

Exam Scenarios

Module Review

Course Review