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Web Development Courses:

Our Web Design course in Cape Town is aimed at delegates who wish to enter the world of web design or to learn the concepts of what it takes to develop a good web site. You do not need to have any prior knowledge, but an interest in web design is a good place to start. Our web design course focuses on tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash and html and runs for 3 days. We also offer a five day course which is more intensive.  2KO presents web design courses in Cape Town by means of full time instructor-led training; as well as internet-accessible online training, which are aimed at International IT Certification exams. 2KO is an IT consulting and training company, offering both business services and multi-platform training. 2KO Africa's wide range of computer courses are available as full time classes, or as online learning, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best training possible. Our basic web design course will teach you how to design and maintain a web site, as well as how to use the tools that will enable you to do this, such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. It is also important to learn some basic HTML programming so that you can decode what the tools create for you, and can customise the code to get the best out of your web site.



Web Design Course Duration:

5 Days


Cape Town, South Africa


Course Outline: 

Getting Started with Web Page Design

The Language of the Web

Building Your First Web Page


Web Planning & Design

Planning a Website

Basic Web Design Principles


Web Page Basics

The Structure of a Web Page

Working with Basic Page Elements

Working with Comments & Special Characters


Working with Lists

Unordered Lists

Ordered Lists

Definition Lists


Working with Links

Relative & Absolute Links

Opening a Web Page in a New Browser Window


Working with Images

Working with Images - Part 1

Working with Images - Part 2


Working with Tables

Defining Basic Tables

Enhancing Tables Using rowspan & colspan


Working with Forms

Working with Basic Form Elements

HTML5 Form Controls


Working with Multimedia

Linking to Audio & Video

Embedding Audio & Video


CSS - Part 1

Introduction to CSS

CSS Selectors

Specifying Fonts & Font Sizes

More CSS Text Styling Properties

Styling Colour with CSS


CSS - Part 2

Styling Lists With CSS

Styling Forms With CSS

Styling Images With CSS

Styling Tables With CSS

Styling Links With CSS


Page Layout Techniques

Fixed Width Page Layouts

Liquid Page Layouts


Going Live with Your Website

Uploading Your Site to a Web Server