Microsoft Access 2013 for Beginners

Microsoft Access 2013 Beginners Courses in Cape Town


2KO offers this course in 3 levels.


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Unit Standards
258875 - Design forms and reports using a Graphic User Interface (GUI) based database (Level 4) Credits 4 258881 - Design complex tables and queries using a graphical user interface (GUI) based database to solve a given problem (Level 4) Credits 5

Prior knowledge and skills to:
 Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3.
 Communication at NQF Level 3.
 Knowledge of GUI based database application.


1 Day

Expert Reports
Creating a report with sub reports
Create a calculated control
Add Charts to Reports (or Forms)
E-mailing a report
Save the object using a different format

Working with Macro
Creating a macro
Running a macro

Expert Database Tools
Importing Data
Linking Data
Linked table manager
Compact and Repair
Database Options
Printing relationships
Printing from the Documenter
Analyse a Table
Analyse Database Performance
Improving the performance of an Access database
Editing data in a shared database
Database password security
Trusted Locations

Database design
Database Normalization
Relational Database structure
Understanding relationships

Expert Form Design
Size and position of a Form
Modifying the record source for a form
Setting or changing the tab order on Forms
Creating an Option group using a wizard
Creating a form with sub forms using a wizard
Creating a sub form by adding a form to another form
Forms with a tab control
Forms with page breaks
Pivot Table Forms
Command buttons on a form

Expert Queries
Query types
Append Queries
Delete Queries
Update Queries
Make Table Queries
Query Joins and Join Properties
Types of joins
Cross tab Queries
Unmatched and Duplicates Queries