InDesign Beginner Course

InDesign Beginner Courses in South Africa

InDesign Beginner Overview:

Overview: Imagine being able to create documents of many types, from single page advertisements and fl yers, to complex multi-page colour publications after just two days of training! That’s what’s on offer with the InDesign 101: Yellow Belt course. It’s an essential skill for anyone working in the publishing industry, but also for anyone who would like to be able to create marketing documents for their company.

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard layout program. It is used in the production of brochures, magazines, newsletters, and PDF’s. InDesign is also the source for most publishing from eBooks, printed material and even Apps for smartphones and tablet devices.

This course starts from the program basics and quickly builds knowledge and confi dence in how to navigate the application and use the tools to create layouts from single pages to complex multi-page documents




2 Days (08:30 - 16:00)


We will assume little or no prior knowledge of Illustrator in this course but you should have a basic working knowledge of either the Windows or Mac interface as well as exposure to either Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Who should attend?:
Our InDesign course targets the beginner or fi rst-time user and will give you a thorough grounding is this graphic design program. This course is intended for graphic designers, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers, prepress professionals, and marketing communications professionals. It’s focused on those creating layouts for print.


What you will learn:
Confi dently use the essential feature of the application
Setup multiple page documents
Import and format text using paragraph and character styles
Place and arrange images
Prepare and publish documents for screen or print


Module Outline:


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Module 1: Setting up InDesign projects

Identify project requirements

Establish target audience and needs

Apply design principles to create a professional layout


Module 2: User interface

Identify user interface elements

Create and select Workspaces

Navigate and zoom documents

Rulers, guides and grids


Module 3: InDesign documents

Setting up an InDesign document

Working with master pages

Adding automatic page numbers


Module 4: Working with Text

Creating and modifying text frames

Threading text frames

Managing overset text

Formatting text using paragraph and character styles

Placing text from a Word document

Spell checking

Adding special characters

Assigning text wrap

Module 5: Images and graphics

Creating basic shapes

Assigning fi ll and stroke to objects

Selecting and Grouping objects

Transform and modify elements

Align and arrange content

Placing images

Frame fi tting options and frame shapes

Collecting and placing content using the conveyor tool

Working with Layers and Organise artwork using layers


Module 6: Colours

Creating colour swatches

Applying and modifying gradients

Working with spot colours

Adding transparency to elements


Module 7: Publishing

Identifying common fi le formats

Using the packaging feature

Create a template

Prepare page layouts for print