Adobe Illustrator Course

Adobe Illustrator Courses in Cape Town

About this Course
Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics program that allows you to create professional quality print, type effects and web designs. This course is designed to teach delegates how to produce good-looking, high quality graphics such as logos and advertisements that include type and graphics. Delegates will create professional looking logos, professional type effects and convert bitmaps to vector artworks through the use of colours, gradients, layers, fonts, and photos with illustrations and text effects.
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Graphic designers or people transitioning into a design job or with design responsibilities.

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:
Understand Bezier curves

Create a logo using simple shapes

Enhance logos/images

Create logos using custom paths

Use layers to manage complex illustrations

Create type effects and prepare Illustrator files for print and use on web sites

Course Contents
1. Introduction
Custom workspace
Control Palettes & menus
Smart guides
Rulers, guides, grids, snap to
Outline & Preview modes
Navigation & Scroll shortcuts

2. How Illustrator Works
Vectors v Bitmaps
Components for Images
Text, Shapes & Colour

3. Drawing
Using the shape tools
Drawing with the line tools
Transforming tools
The warp tool flyout
Symbols in Illustrator
Creating a logo
Drawing a tin can
Drawing a spoked wheel
Selecting, Copying and Moving
Rotating and Skewing Objects
Align, group and duplicate Objects
Hiding and Locking
Special Effects
Drawing Tools  e.g. rectangle, ellipse, polygon, Star
Fills and Colours
Drawing curves
The Average and Join commands
Eraser tool

4. Images
Importing & placing images
Turning Bitmap into Vector

5. Colour
Basic Colours & Stroke palette
Types of Colour; Colour modes
Spot v Process colours
Gradient and Patterns
Dragging colour
Understanding & using stroke and fill attributes
Using Swatches
Use the Paint Bucket tool

6. Text
Creating Text objects
Artistic and Paragraph text
Colouring and Filling text
Adding point type
Adding area type
Adding type to a vector path
Creating type outlines
Placing Text Around Objects
Linking Paragraphs
Type Effects
Find & replace & Spell check

7. Lasso select
Using Align and Distribute
Using group and duplicate
Hiding and locking layer objects
Using isolation mode
Compound paths
Clipping masks

8. Working with Paths
Creating & Editing Paths
Pen Tool
Draw straight lines
Draw continuous curves
Convert smooth points into corner
Convert points in an existing object
Move an anchor point or a line
Shaping a curve
Converting an anchor point
Pinch a curve inward
Add, adjust, delete points
Bezier curves

9. Printing & Saving
The Print Dialog & Printing
Defining a crop area
Saving in non-Vector formats
Save for Web

10. Using Brushes
Draw with the Paintbrush tool
Add/remove a brushstroke to an existing path
Convert a brushstroke to outlined paths
Creating and modifying brushes
Edit a scatter, art or pattern brush
Create a new brush library

11. Gradients
Fill an object with a gradient
Create/edit gradient
Use the Gradient tool
Creating and editing Gradient meshes

12. Transforming Objects
Rotate, Scale or shear
Flip and slant
The bounding box
Use the Free Transform tool

13. Layers
Creating and Editing layers
The layers Palette
Create a sublayer
Hide and Lock

14. Using and Editing effects
Remove layer effects
Apply a Convert to Shape effect
Live shapes with text
Inner/Outer Glow & Add Arrowheads

15. Using LiveTrace
Automatically trace artwork
Converting objects

16. Filters
Scribble or tweak
Rough up a shape
Twirling path points
Punk or bloat an object
Raster filters
Pen and Ink filter


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