PHP Programming Class

PHP Programming Courses in Cape Town

2KO presents PHP courses in Cape Town by means of full time instructor-led training; as well as internet-accessible online training, which are aimed at International IT Certification exams. 2KO is an IT consulting and training company, offering both business services and multi-platform training. 2KO Africa's wide range of computer courses are available as full time classes, or as online learning, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best training possible.


PHP Programming Course Duration:

5 Days. 



2KO delivers PHP programming training in Cape Town, where students learn to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL or the database of their choice and to use advanced features of PHP to create sophisticated, efficient and easily managed websites.




Experience with HTML

Experience in the following areas would be beneficial, CSS, Basic Programming, XML


Course Outline


PHP Basics

PHP Syntax

Passing Values Via the URL

HTML Forms and PHP Variables

Identifiers and Constants

Variable Scope

Magic Quotes


Flow Control

If Conditions

Switch Statements


Getting the Most out of


Reading and Writing to Files in PHP

Opening a File

Reading from a File

Writing to a File

Other File Functions

File Locking


Using Arrays in PHP

Standard Arrays

Associative Arrays

Two-dimensional Arrays

Array Manipulation Functions


String Manipulation in PHP

Formatting Strings

String Functions

Basic Form Validation


Reusing Code and Writing Functions in PHP

Including Files

Writing User-defined Functions

Passing by Value vs. Passing by Reference

Returning Values from Functions


A Quick Intro to / Review of SQL

SELECT Statements

INSERT Statements

UPDATE Statements

DELETE Statements


Database Manipulation and PHP

Querying a Database and Displaying Results

Inserting Records

Updating Records

Deleting Records


Authentication with PHP and SQL

PHP Native Database Functions

PEAR:DB as an Abstraction Layer

Encrypting Passwords


Session Control in PHP

Starting Sessions

Continuing Sessions

Ending Sessions

Writing and Deleting Cookies

Improving Login/Logout


Sending Email with PHP

The Built-in mail Function



File System Management

Uploading Files via an HTML Form

Getting File Information

Additional File Functions

Directory Functions


Object-Oriented PHP Development

Classes and Objects in PHP

Constructors and Destructors in PHP

Methods and Properties

The $this Variable


Exception Handling


Advanced Form Validation with Regular Expressions

Perl-compatible Regular Expression Functions

Regular Expressions Special Characters

Review of Basic Form Validation

Form Validation with Regular Expressions


Error Handling

Types of Errors

Catching Errors



XML Basics

Parsing XML with SAX

Parsing XML with DOM

Converting XML with XSLT


Common PEAR Packages

Creating PDFs with PEAR and PHP

Authentication with PEAR and PHP

Handling Forms with PEAR and PHP

PEAR Templates