Advanced Java Courses

Advanced Java Courses in Cape Town


2KO's JAVA training & certification prepares the student for advanced Java tasks such as:

Demonstrate knowledge of Java technology, the Java programming language, and the product life cycle
Use various Java programming language constructs to create several Java technology applications
Use decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate program flow
Implement intermediate Java technology programming and object-oriented (OO) concepts in Java technology programs



Course Overview
Client/server applications can be written utilizing both the and java.rmi packages. Security is also covered in detail throughout several chapters including security policies and data encryption. XML parsing is done using the JAXP API. Programmers can use C and C++ functions from their Java programs using JNI. The course ends with several chapters on design patterns and how they can be put to best use in different types of Java applications. 2KO presents Java courses in Cape Town by means of full time instructor-led training; as well as internet-accessible online training, which are aimed at International IT Certification exams. 2KO International delivers consulting services, in the IT and Business space, as well as being a training provider for IT certification and user level courses. Training can be any blend of bespoke, classroom and online learning, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best training possible.


Target Audience

Individuals who have basic mathematical, logical, and analytical problem-solving skills and who want to begin learning the Java programming language. These students include technical writers, web developers, technical managers, and individuals with a technical, non-programming background, such as system administrators. Novice programmers and for those programmers who prefer to start learning the Java programming language at an introductory level. Students wishing to get an International certification.



Java introduction or well-rounded knowledge of Java programming.



Strings, I/O, Formatting, and Parsing

String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer

The String Class

Important Facts About Strings and Memory

Important Methods in the String Class

The StringBuffer and StringBuilder Classes

Important Methods in the StringBuffer and StringBuilder Classes

File Navigation and I/O

The Class


Dates, Numbers, and Currency

Working with Dates, Numbers, and Currencies

Parsing, Tokenizing, and Formatting

A Search Tutorial

Locating Data via Pattern Matching


Formatting with printf() and format()


Generics and Collections

Overriding hashCode() and equals()

Overriding equals()

Overriding hashCode()


So What Do You Do with a Collection?

List Interface

Set Interface

Map Interface

Queue Interface

Using the Collections Framework

ArrayList Basics

Autoboxing with Collections

Sorting Collections and Arrays

Navigating (Searching) TreeSets and TreeMaps

Other Navigation Methods

Backed Collections

Generic Types

Generics and Legacy Code

Mixing Generic and Non-generic Collections

Polymorphism and Generics

Generic Methods

Generic Declarations


Inner Classes

Inner Classes

Coding a "Regular" Inner Class

Referencing the Inner or Outer Instance from Within the Inner Class

Method-Local Inner Classes

What a Method-Local Inner Object Can and Can't Do

Anonymous Inner Classes

Plain-Old Anonymous Inner Classes, Flavor One

Plain-Old Anonymous Inner Classes, Flavor Two

Argument-Defined Anonymous Inner Classes

Static Nested Classes

Instantiating and Using Static Nested Classes



Defining, Instantiating, and Starting Threads

Defining a Thread

Instantiating a Thread

Starting a Thread

Thread States and Transitions

Thread States

Preventing Thread Execution


Putting It to Sleep

Synchronizing Code

Synchronization and Locks

Exercise 9-2: Synchronizing a Block of Code

Preventing Thread Execution

Thread Deadlock

Thread Interaction

Using notifyAll( ) When Many Threads

May Be Waiting



Using the javac and java Commands

Compiling with javac

Launching Applications with java

Searching for Other Classes

JAR Files

JAR Files and Searching

Using Static Imports

Static Imports