CorelDraw Advanced Courses

CorelDraw Advanced Courses in South Africa


Course Description
So... you've been on the CorelDraw Introductory course and now it's time to develop your skills? Or maybe you've had no formal CorelDraw training but have been using CorelDraw for a while and feel there are things you're missing out on? Either way, this could well be the course you're looking for. This Advanced CorelDraw training course consists entirely of hands-on practical work using a series of exercises designed to help you refine your knowledge of CorelDraw. 2KO Africa training centers deliver computer courses for certification, with enrollments open for full-time classes or internet-based online courses.


Who Should Attend?
This training course is designed for those who have attended the Introduction to CorelDraw training course, or for those who are familiar with the basic features of a previous version of CorelDraw and who wish to learn more about CorelDraw. It may also be suitable for those who are self-taught and would like to move beyond the basics.

Course Outline
Customising The User Interface

Creating Custom Toolbars and Shortcuts

Setting User Defined Preferences

Optimising CorelDraw for Power Users


Using Templates

Loading Templates With and Without Artwork

Creating and Using Artistic Text, Paragraph Text and Graphics Objects Styles

Editing Styles

Colour Styles

Creating Colour Styles from Artwork

Creating Custom Colour Styles

Creating Custom Child Colours


Page Setup

Creating Booklets and Brochures

Using the Rulers and Grids

Drawing to Scale


Fitting Text To Paths

Exploring the Text on a Path options

Editing Text on Path

Text in non-rectangular frames (Envelopes)


Working With Bezier Curves

Using the Free Hand and Bezier tools

Using the Shape tool

Creating Bezier objects

Using the Knife and Eraser tools

Using Weld, Intersect and Trim to create complex shapes


Working With Merge Fields

Setting up a data file

Inserting Merge Fields in Artwork

Previewing the Output

Creating a Print Merge


Adding Barcodes And QR Codes To Coraldraw Artwork

Using the Barcode Wizard

Converting the Barcode bitmap to a Vector Object

Using the QR Code Generator

Saving the QR Code Image

Inserting the QR Code in CorelDraw Artwork

Converting the QR Code to a Vector Object


Complex Fills

Custom Fountain Fills

Custom Pattern Fills

Mesh Warp


The Interactives Effects Tool

Interactive Blend

Interactive Extrude

Interactive Contour

Interactive Distort

Interactive Envelope

Interactive Drop Shadow

Interactive Transparency

Creating Roll-Overs

Adding Perspective to Artwork


Artistic Media Tool

Creating, Editing and Applying Artistic Media


Lens Effects

Using the Lens Features


Power Clip

Power Clipping Images and Graphics to non-rectangular frames


Working With Bitmaps (Raster) Images

Converting Artwork to Bitmaps

Resampling Bitmaps

Effects Filters

Cropping Bitmaps

Bitmap Colour Mask